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  • Our agricultural greenhouse film is a special greenhouse film looks like a woven sack from outside 3 layers inner reinforced HDPE woven fabric and both sides LDPE laminated which plays an excellent waterproof efftcets. It's designed for applications like greenhouse building poultry curtain rain cover where strong construction is needed.

    1- Tear-resistant. High tensile strength and very strong makes it resistant to harsh environment such as strong wind and rainstorm.
    2- UV-blocking. Our film is made of 100% virgin PE with advanced uv protective additives on both fabric and lamination. This helps it resistant to the heavy weather conditions.
    3- easy to work with.

  • Material: 100% virgin HDPE raw material with uv protection
    Color: clear
    Width: 4 meter or 6 meter without joints available for wider fabric by heat sealing.
    Weight per square meter: 120GSM 150GSM
    Making: reinforced hem heat sealed edges every grommets interval 1 meter or customized.
    Function: waterproof sun-resistant anti-aging uv treated.

    1. Available in almost any width and length. Original width is 4m or 6m. Usually 1-6m in width will have no joints and it can be heat welded as wide as 60 meters in width and available in any length.

  • Application:
    1. Fruit Tree Top Cover: commonly usedin Chile Brazil for cherry treegrap tree top cover to prevent the natural disaster of acid rain hail heavy rain etc.

    2. Animal House Rolling Curtain: ideal film material of side cover rolling curtain of chicken farm pig house allow light and wind come inside and keep warm at night.

    3. Flower House Roof Cover: the woven fabric cover film make the sunlight more evenly light on the flower make flowers looks brighter.

    4. Greenhouse Plastic Cover: transparent tarpaulin is durable in sun and resistant in strong wind no matter in hot or cold weather.

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